We are different!


We don’t just store your medical history but we analyse, summarise and constantly update it during your Mediquai membership.

Usually medical reports are scattered among countless different medical providers such as hospitals and doctors' offices. In some cases, a patient’s general practitioner is fully informed and has a complete record with all the files. In contrast, other providers offer the collection and storage of medical records.
Mediquai has a unique approach in which we create an updated summary based on all of the patient’s medical files available to us. This is a time-consuming and complex service that must be completed by a highly experienced specialist. However, it allows the subsequent physician to obtain a comprehensive picture of the patient and knows immediately which examinations are necessary or important and thus avoids unnecessary duplication of medical tests.
In Switzerland and in many other countries, for years the health authorities have been striving to implement a standardized electronic medical history in order to increase the efficiency of medical service providers and thereby reducing costs.
We would like to point out that such a platform would be nothing more than a central "storage tool" for all medical reports. Only by Mediquai summarizing all the records, the physician is able to obtain the relevant overview in such a very short time, thereby saving you both money and unnecessary treatments.
At Mediquai you can receive an updated summary of your medical history at any time, sorted by relevance and timeline, respectively.


We forgo all commissions related to medical services offered by Mediquai, to avoid conflict of interest.

The majority of medical service providers tend to receive a percentage of the hospital and doctor's invoices as payment for their services. The more extensive the treatment, the higher the costs and the greater the corresponding commission. This does not necessarily have to be in the interest of the patient. There is nothing wrong with such an approach, as long as it is based on strict ethical principles, for example only as much as necessary is undertaken. However, a conflict of interest cannot be excluded.
To avoid this conflict of interest, Mediquai strictly refuses any performance-related incentives for our services. Mediquai memberships work with transparent flat-rate compensation regardless of the final amount depicted on the invoice.


In every medical specialisation we have three independent specialists, who are all from different institutions and acknowledged in their fields.

At Mediquai each area of expertise is covered by three independent and qualified specialists. These form the panel of experts. Furthermore, we rigorously ensure that any indication control (verification of the diagnosis and review of the treatment proposal) is carried out by a physician who ultimately, will not be the treating doctor. The attending physician then gives a "third opinion", depending on the system, before starting treatment. Even here, any conflict of interest should be excluded.


With the majority of Mediquai's founding partners being doctors, this extensive industry insight truly allows us to assess other specialists based on our established and continuously monitored quality standards.

Mediquai is an institution that is run by doctors. Ultimately, only doctors know which colleagues are actually highly skilled both professionally and personally. Professor titles, a professional homepage or prominent personalities at medical conventions do not yet guarantee that the quality of medical treatment by them is outstanding.


Substantially lower medical costs in Switzerland.

Swiss hospitals and doctors tend to treat international patients in the highest price category (private). The average Swiss citizen is covered by the country’s health insurance scheme, hence as patients they are effectively a financial deficit for hospitals as well as the treating doctor. The revenues are determined by a state authority using a regulated flat rate per case system (DRG). Particularly hospitals depend on the additional income from private patients in order to cover their costs or to make a profit. This is the nature of the compensation structure in Switzerland, which also has its system shortfalls.
Therefore, foreign patients are only accepted using the private tariff and usually pay considerable surcharges, as the administrative and care costs are significantly higher. Due to none regulation, hospitals are free in their pricing policy and can cumulate their service charges as they wish.
Mediquai, however, has negotiated rates for its members according to the DRG system, which in Switzerland is typically reserved for patients with a general health insurance. Although at a higher system price (base rate), this state monitored DRG scheme results in capped tariffs, which in turn leads to foreseeable, lower and transparent costs, provided that a procedure is reasonably normal. Without a Mediquai membership, a foreign patient has no access to such a "moderate" tariff system.


Devoted to our members.

In case you are sick or need a surgery, you may feel in a position of weakness and dependence. You may be scared or feel inner discomfort. Often both feelings are present, but not with our Mediquai members.
Our mission is to provide compassionate and intensive, humane care that is focused on the patient. We know that this is exactly what will influence the healing process positively - and substantially.