Swiss Medical Tourism- The next big thing for Indians?

Amongst its European neighbours, Switzerland is privileged to have an exceptional healthcare system- ranking first overall out of 31 countries ranked in the World Index of Healthcare Innovation. With a score of 59.56, the country is ahead of second-ranked Germany and the third-ranked Netherlands- ranked globally among the top three healthcare systems for accessibility and quality and preventing death. Swiss politicians are constantly demanding excellent quality of treatment for every patient admitted to any hospital in Switzerland.

From prevention to advanced medical care: Switzerland Tourism has launched a health tourism campaign with the focus of communications being on medical expertise and the quality of the infrastructure.


Honest, Accessible Healthcare is the need of the hour


The dynamics of how humans work live and function has completely changed over the last year. This new equilibrium has not only encouraged and in some cases forced us to think differently but has also taught us to prepare ourselves for new challenges and adversities that may come up in the future. The concept of planning is not new to us Indians, but the concept of investing wisely into a robust medical care system and not just a good diet and following wellness concepts is perhaps something we are just coming to terms with now.


Given today, the condition of the current healthcare system of India, a lot of confidence is lost especially in patients who suffer from various other critical ailments besides the novel corona virus, who are almost wary of approaching any hospital and doctor in India given the fear of this pandemic. It’s not only that, the access to the best and top-quality doctors and hospitals along with honest and transparent treatment and procedure, most of the billing is always a question- however influential or person of repute one may be.


During the pandemic in India, a couple of the illustrious of India who has good swiss contacts and access chose to leave the country and get themselves monitored and treated in the clean, safe and hygienic medical system and environment of Switzerland. This trend over the months has increased considerably and more and more Indians are seeking to go to Switzerland for their medical treatment. The trouble is they do not know how to go about it and where to go to get started on their medical journey in Switzerland.


Mediquai started with the vision of bridging the gap between German-speaking Switzerland and the English-speaking discerning HNW of India by establishing a fully English speaking bespoke high-end medical service centre. At Mediquai, every medical record is maintained with full confidentiality and every treatment is done under full discretion with Mediquai holding your hand through the entire process. Being a privileged Mediquai member also gives you the access to get yourself treated in the peaceful surroundings of Zurich at a subsidised cost.

The common notion that all Indians have is that Swiss medical treatment is very expensive. Mediquai has provided a solution for that too by capping the treatment and hospitalisation charges at Swiss local rates. This gives the individuals of India the opportunity to have the world’s best medical luxury service available to them at the snap of their fingers and at a cost that they are comfortable with.

Can it get better than this?


Other than the convenience of accessing care, the Mediquai platform also serves well in maintaining patient records and all medical history in one place for ease of access. Mediquai also makes sure that high confidentiality is maintained, especially for diseases that have any kind of social stigma attached to them.

Women, who are less likely to seek medical care for themselves due to social factors can now consult and access the best Swiss medical care at home. Gynaecologists and general physicians are often the most consulted by women and all this can be dealt with the expert guidance of the best Swiss medical experts via e-consultation. Consultations for mental health issues have also seen an upward trend and are offered under complete discretion. Mediquai deploys artificial intelligence in its healthcare management, enhancing chronic care management, care delivery, clinical decision support, self-care, fitness, prevention/wellness, and remote diagnostics.

Being a privileged and exclusive Mediquai member gives you access to the best Swiss doctors, medical guidance and consultation and if required, treatment in the best hospital as well and all this at a flat-capped price. This is an investment that every Indian has realised is a must to make, considering faith in the medical system of our own home country is slightly shaken.


Today swiss medical care and facility are looked upon by the rest of the world! With the best medical facilities, doctors and hospitals available to the Swiss all the time, they are among the healthiest people on earth. The Swiss have access to the latest technology, just as Americans do, but with comparably low wait times for appointments and procedures. And thus, the possibility of having your consultation, diagnosis and treatment done in half the time and cost is very probable in Switzerland than anywhere else in the world. With Mediquai in India now, no more second thoughts as to where to go for the best international medical care. Mediquai is the natural answer.


Become a privileged Mediquai member today to enjoy the best healthcare in the world. Pledge now towards a healthier you—here’s to a good solid robust healthcare management available to you, whenever needed.

Invest in your health as it is your biggest wealth!



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